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There Was a Dream…

The text used in this piece is derived from Adrian Liberto’s novel Icons from the Mortal Void. Icons is a series of snapshots of the life of the protagonist, Stavros George, as they weave around a story of friendship, love, defeat and drastic solutions. A spiritual undercurrent contrasts with the harsh realities faced by our struggling character, as do certain moments of sexual intimacy, which are described in some detail.

The text contained in the brackets have been omitted from the piece.


There was a dream. A dark, silent, senseless dream. Like dreamless sleep. Deep, deep. Suddenly the dream was no more. Yet nothing changed. And if nothingness prevailed: who would have noticed? But the dream came again, then stopped, then came again. If there had been a count: the count was lost.

There was a force. A force bursting with sensation. An awakening, or just another dream. And the force was full of every power, for it was all the power that was. The force had no darkness, no stillness, no emptiness. It therefore had no size, no space and no need of time. The void was not. Had the void ever been?

There was a thought. The thought was the reflection on all that was. There was the force. There was the void. And of course, the thought. [Like time, thought allows different things to be in the same place; exactly the same place. Like space, it allows them to be in exactly the same time. Perhaps they had been side by side. Or perhaps they took turns.] But it was the thought that gave them life. A life maybe they did not crave.

Used with permission of Adrian Liberto.

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